about c'mon distribution

c’mon distribution is an independent european fashion distributor of contemporary and fair trade fashion brands that was founded in 2002 by Tim Brückmann.

From 2002 to 2012 the company was known as “BurningBusiness Distribution” with a focus on fashionable streetwear brands. Due the companies evolution with a higher focus on fashion and fair trade/sustainable brands, the company was renamed into “c’mon distribution”.

The name “c’mon” is short for “come on” and should signify that we are always open for new challenges. The team is always keeping an eye on the market changes and steady looking for new emerging brands and trends. Because trends, “taste“ and “uniqueness“ should be more than simply empty words. Thus, c’mon distribution is for his partners more than „simply“ a sales agency and fashion distribution.

c’mon distributioncore areas are Germany, Austria and Switzerland. All purchasing, logistics, distribution and sales service activities are managed by its head office and distribution center in Düsseldorf, Germany. This geographic location in the middle of Germany opens the possibility to be very nearby all clients. Düsseldorf is one of Germany’s central fashion hubs. Trade fairs, showrooms, retail, educational facilities and countless individual companies all come together to create an absolutely unique fashion scene

In addition to its offices, c’mon distribution has a network of showrooms located in Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Offenbach (Frankfurt), Sindelfingen (Stuttgart), and Munich. The sales team is kind of a family with the focus on serving the clients in the best possible way and finding quick solutions for all challenges that may occur.

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